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Last Updated: June 21, 2012

Staff Updates and Cinema Party Review

Hey Chobots!

First off, The Chobots Reloaded would like to send out a huge congratulations to Twinklefairyx! Twinkle, you've truly shown so much effort and dedication to the world of Chobots and we're all so proud of you. Now, unfortunately  there is some bad news. Our dear friend Max has left the Chobots Team, but he will be missed and we at the Chobots Reloaded wish him luck with what he plans on doing outside of

Twinkle was approached by the Chobots Team, asking her to join the team which is a huge honor! And, I know that Twinkle is now a huge inspiration to myself, and many others because she is a fine example of if you try hard without giving up, you can achieve anything! So, once again congratulations!

Now, let's move onto the Movie Party that was held at Chollywood! The party began a bit later than expected, but was well worth it. There was some cool animations, an awesome contest held by Jake which is called "Guess It Get It!" where he made us all into stars and the room went dark and we had to guess what the secret item was. If you guessed it first, you were awarded with item! Also, as mentioned before at the party Jake had a huge announcement, which was that Twinklefairyx has been added to the Chobots Team!

Overall the party was a lot of fun, and many users got some sweet prizes so that's always a good thing. Don't worry if you were unable to make it to this party, or were not able to win any of the contests. I'm sure there will be plenty more chances in the near future.

I hope you had fun at the party,

Vasa12345, Chopix Competition and New Clothes

Hey Chobots,

I hope everyone's weekend has been going swell! As you may know, The Chobots Team organized a meeting with the Agents this morning. Towards the end of the meeting, we discussed Agent recommendations. Overall, most of us agreed that Vasa12345 deserved it most and as a result, she was awarded Agency.


If you see her online, please don't forget to congratulate her on her job well done.

And in other news, Chobots Head Administer: Jake, has opened up a new contest. In this contest we will see who truly is the best at Chopix! This is a brand new thing that has never been seen before on Chobots so this should be interesting. There's going to be many more competitions like this in the near future that have to do with in-game quests.

To keep track of how you're doing, a new scoreboard for the quest-competition has been added right above Chopix! If you hover over it, you will see the scores for the current competition, as usual.

The competition will go on until April 15th so make sure you play Chopix as you can if you want to come out on top. Those with the highest scores will receive citizenship, bugs, and some other sweet rewards.

And finally, we end the post with some more fantastic news! The Chobots Shop has been restocked with some sweet new clothes. 

These items vary between Citizen and Junior, so that we everyone can benifit from this shop restock. And, even better they don't even cost that much! I'd love to keep on writing, but I feel like going on a shopping spree! 

See ya soon!

Chobots Music Video Contest

Hi Chobots,

Have you ever visited Chollywood and saw some of the all time best Chobots videos? Do you love music? If you love creating Chobots Music Videos (CMV's) then you're in luck! The Chobots Team has opened up a contest where you must create a new CMV, but you can't use any past CMV's you've created!

To enter in this contest, you must film and edit are Chobots Music Video. One of our Agents here on; Kai was kind enough to create a guide for making amazing YouTube videos! If you'd like to learn how to create a sweet video, click here

You have until Monday, April 15th to complete your video and send it in. Once you've completed your video, please comment the URL of the video on the main blog post about the contest.

Good luck!

April Fools Day Party

Hey Chobots!

As you know, March is coming to an end and that means that April is going to be rolling on in. The month of April on Chobots has been promised to include some awesome events, and a new quest!

On April 1st, you're invited to meet us at The Park on the server Chocolate at 19:30 (7:30 PM) Chobots time to come clown around! During the party there will be some nice music, lots of colors and animations, and everybody's favorite; rain!

If you're having issues with figuring out how much time you have until the party, feel free to use this timer.
We hope to see you there! 

Night Of Champions

Hi Chobots,

How was Game Night this weekend for you guys? I know I had a blast! Throughout the night, many users tried to battle to the top of the leader boards, but there could only be one winner per game. Most of us who weren't playing games were hanging out at the Game Zone, partying with Coby, Jake, Curiosity, and Sheridan!

After a long night of trying to become victorious, the following users were able to make it out on top. Please congratulate these guys on a job well done!

Sweet Battle: Plinfalie
Asteroids: Godlight
Choboard: Little98miss
Pinball: Wolfyy
Crab Game: Waash17
Robofactory: Bebot
Space Race: Phantome
Garbage Collector: Henryhulk
Farming: Afro
Tug o' War: Squishy
Coin Rain: Muttski
Palm Painting: Campbell
Chobots Racer: Beautifulicouss

Well done guys, you each have earned yourselves a game controller, 7 days of Citizenship, and 7,000 bugs! Don't worry if you weren't able to come out on top this time, there's going to be plenty more Game Nights, in fact the next one is in two weeks. So, if you're interested in earning a game controller, maybe that will be your time to shine!

Once again, congratulations!


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